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Sprawdź czołówkę w każdej kategorii w 2014 amerykańskiego High Times Cannabis Cup w Denver!

Top 10 produkty spożywcze: 

1. Liquid Gold Delights Orange Meltaway Truffles by G Farma Labs
2. Cinnamon Roll Crunch by Kushie Kandy
3. Reef Jerky by Badfish Extracts
4. Blue Dream Kush Cake Pop by Kush Kakery
5. Denver East Garlic Dill Pretzel Bites by Infuzionz
6. Medicated Milk Chocolate with Pecans by Medibrothers
7. Cold Baked Queso by Cold Baked
8. Toasted Cinnamon Crunch by Incredibowl & Medi-Corn
9. Jambo Bar by Jambo Superfoods
10. Elvis Cupcake by Allston Edibles

Top 10 medycznych produktów spożywczych: 

1. Mystic CBD Capsules by Natural Mystic Cannabis Caregivers LLC
2. Bhang Cherries & Creme 180 Mg Bar by Summit & Baked LLC
3. One Eye Open Sativa-Based Lemonade / Black Tea by MarQaha
4. S’mores Love Bars by Love’s Oven
5. Cherry Limeade Macaroon by Infuzionz – Lakewood
6 .Peach Violet Macaroon by Infuzionz – Denver
7. Mad Mint Cherry Mint by Mad Mints
8. Waffle Cone Bar by Infuzionz – Northglenn
9. Full Melt Strawberry Waffle Cone Chocolate Bar by Full Melt
10. Sweet Island Macaroon by Standing Akimbo Bakery

Top 10 medycznych koncentratów:

1. Sour Jilly by Green Dream & TC Labs
2. Jilly Bean by Stay Concentrated Extracts
3. South African Durban Poison Wax by Advanced Medical Alternatives & Dab City Concentrates
4. Lemon Poison Concentrate by Denver Relief & TC Labs
5.Tangie Nug Run Sugar Budder by The Clinic
6. Bubble D Live Resin Extract by A Cut Above – Fillmore
7. Phantom Cookies by CAM
8. Redheaded Cindy Shatter by Natural Remedies
9. Canna Haze Shatter by The Canna Center
10. Katsu Bubba Kush Shatter by Infuzionz – Denver

Top 10 koncentratów:

1. 303 OG Nug Run Sugar Budder by The Clinic
2. Lemon Walker OG by TC Labs & Gold Coast Collective
3. Willy Wonka Sativa BHO by High Class Concentrates
4. Agent Orange by A Greener Today
5 .Ace of Spades by Nug Run Shatter Co.
6. 710 Super Fuel Holy Water by Loud Seeds – Nectars
7. Platinum Cookies Holy Water by Loud Seeds
8. Redwalker OG by Gold Coast Extracts
9. Lemon Amnesia by TC Labs / TerpX / Archie Seed Bank
10. G Cut OG by TerpX

Top 10 medycznych hybryd:

1. Pure Power Plant by Good Meds Network – Lakewood
2. Chem Crush by La Contes North
3 .Golden Goat by The Green Solution – Lakewood
4. Corleone Kush by Standing Akimbo LLC
5. Cinderella 99 x White by Natural Remedies
6. Green Cross Skunkberry by Mile High
7. Platinum Alien by The Health Center
8. Underdawg by La Contes Central
9. Bubba Crunch by MMJ America – Downtown
10. B91 x W91 by Animas Herbal Wellness Center

Top 10 hybryd:
1. Cookies & Cream by Exotic Genetix
2. Chem by Cannables Colorado
3. Cinderella 99 x White by Natural Remedies
4. East Boss by The Green Solution – Denver
5. Mob Boss by Gaia Plant-based Medicine
6. Grape Ape by Tim Frost & Mile High Dabs
7. Brain Freeze #4 by A Cut Above (Fillmore)
8. Sunshine Day Dream by Nature’s Spirit
9. Starberry by Dustin Pebbles of Bohemian Brothers
10. Jilly Bean by The Health Center

Top 10 Sativa:

1. Ghost Train Haze by Green Man Cannabis
2. Super Silver Haze by Life is Good Healing
3. Twista by The Green Solution
4. Bruce Banner by RiverRock Adult Use South
5. Silver Haze by Gold Coast Collection
6. Stardawg Guava by The Clinic – Colorado
7. Tangie by The Clinic
8. Super 840 by Dragonfly Earth Medicine
9. Super Silver Haze by Stash
10. Super Lemon Haze by CAM

Top 10 medyczna Indica: 

1. Larry OG by MMJ America – Downtown
2. Raskal OG by CAM
3. Denver Maple by Ballpark Holistic Dispensary
4. Banana Kush by Natural Remedies
5. Green Cherry Pie by Green Man Cannabis
6. Buddha’s Sister by Quality Choice Alternative Care Center
7. Hell’s OG Kush by Green Man Cannabis – Downtown
8. Preston’s Purple Kush by Medicine Man Denver
9. Banana Kush by Best Budz LLC – Colorado Springs
10. Jolene OG by Animas Herbal Wellness Center

Top 10 Indica: 

1. South Central LA by Colorado Alternative Medicine & Root Seller Seeds
2. Grand Daddy Purple by Cannables
3. MK Ultra by The Green Solution
4. Cookie Monster by The Source Genetics
5. Whitewalker OG by Gold Coast Collection
6. Chem Chem by La Contes North
7. Grape Ape by Natural Remedies
8. Gasmask by Exotic Genetix
9. 303 OG by The Clinic
10. Chem Dawg by MBS Wellness Clinic

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